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"I have conducted several meta‐analyses over the past several years, and Comprehensive Meta‐Analysis has been the main software I have relied on. It is "user friendly" and it provides a wide range of options to fit the different types of effect size information found in different types of studies. Most importantly, I know I can rely on the statistical formulas at the foundation of the software, due to the top‐notch development team for CMA."

Frank Pearson

"I'm a graduate student at NC State University, and recently I tried out CMA for my lab. For the record, it is awesome. My lab, Meta World, is specifically focused on meta‐analysis, so we've used a lot of programs both good and bad. CMA is by far the best we've tried in terms of ease of use. It is simple enough for a first time meta‐analyst to use, but the best part is the diversity of options for the more advanced user. It is amazingly easy to switch effects models and other aspects, to the point that it's fun to fiddle around with things to see the difference they make. The options for output are everything you'd need for publication, and they look a good sight better than what I would have come up with without CMA. It is the only software that had all the functionality I needed for my thesis, and without it I would be stuck writing my own code."

Jennifer London - Doctoral Student in I/O Psychology, NC State University

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Comprehensive Meta-Analysis

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Comprehensive Meta-Analysis (CMA) is a powerful computer program for meta-analysis. The program combines ease of use with a wide array of computational options and sophisticated graphics.