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"Comprehensive Meta‐Analysis is a fantastic program that allows you to perform advanced meta‐analytic techniques with minimal effort. The graphics editor is especially versatile and allows you to produce high‐quality graphs with ease. Thankfully it doesn't require the complicated codes often necessitated by some statistical programs. On top of that I have found their customer service prompt and helpful and overall I'm very pleased to have purchased the software."

Dr. Richard Mc Gee

"I have used Comprehensive Meta‐Analysis II for the last 6 years to assist with a number of published meta‐analytic studies in the behavioral sciences. I have found the program to be flexible and powerful. I have also used CMA II in two graduate seminars focused on meta‐analysis. The students are able to learn the program quickly and appreciate how it structures their data sets and prevents some common mistakes made in meta‐analysis."

Alan J. Hawkins, Ph.D. - Professor of Family Life, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT

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Comprehensive Meta-Analysis

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Comprehensive Meta-Analysis (CMA) is a powerful computer program for meta-analysis. The program combines ease of use with a wide array of computational options and sophisticated graphics.